Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy Mowers

It blows all other mower decks away.With its unmatched strength and solid all-welded 3-gauge construction as a start, we weld an additional 3-gauge skirt on the leading edge. Then we add an adjustable tapered front leading edge for adapting to any kind of grass or conditions. The deep 5.5? deck allows for greater volume of discharge—and you’ll need it—because our inner baffles create more lift and vacuum for an exceptional cut. And lastly, the extended discharge promotes an even dispersal.We optimize every mower for a near-perfect power to performance ratio. For us, it’s more than just strapping on the largest, most powerful engines available. It also means coupling that power with superior hydraulic systems for peak performance. With our stable of trusted engine brands—from Caterpillar® diesels to Kawasaki,® Kohler,® Vanguard® and Briggs® gasoline engines—you’re assured of the most powerful cut. And with our cooler running oversized hoses, cooling fans and self-contained or separate drive motors and pumps by Hydro-Gear® you’ll smoothly go about your business at the highest speeds.


This patented feature really is all it’s cracked open to be. The ability to access virtually every serviceable component and make otherwise hard-to-reach places easy to clean, has been a hallmark of Bad Boy Mowers since our very first mower. Protected by patent, it can’t be found on any other mower and once you’ve had it, you’ll never want another mower without it.


Smooth. Real smooth. Our Diesel and Outlaw XP mowers feature the exclusive EZ-Ride® System.This patented system utilizes independent front and rear rubber compression shocks to absorb vibration from uneven terrain, allowing you to mow faster for longer periods with less fatigue. It also allows our fixed decks to glide more evenly over your mowing area for an even more manicured cut. So you’ll not only see the difference, you’ll feel the difference at the end of the day.

Coupled with our dealer-direct pricing and advanced manufacturing technology, we're delivering exceptional quality with a price that makes Bad Boy Mowers the undisputed leader in value.

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Bad Boy Mowers are great machines for commercial and residential use. Whether you cut grass for a living or use for your personal use, Bad Boy Mowers provide more power for less money. Some of the different models include: Outlaw, Outlaw Extreme, Outlaw XP, Compact Outlaw, Outlaw Stand-On, ZT Elite, MZ, MZ Magnum, Diesel, Diesel Compact and Maverick. These are the best self-propelled zero-turn lawn mowers on the market! If you are in need of lawn mower parts for the deck or drive system, give us a call.

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Bad Boy: The Official Mower of Sea World and Busch Gardens