ARGO is the world leader in Amphibious ATV and Amphibious Off-road Vehicles.

ARGOs have the versatility to be used as an off road recreational vehicle or heavy work equipment. Its ability to crawl, climb and swim make it a popular choice for commercial, government and/or private use.

Some of ARGO’s features are:

  • Low ground pressure and traction to maneuver all types of terrain, such as, swamps, mud and snow
  • Add-on rubber tracks
  • Swim without any preparation to enter or exit the water
  • Integral skid plate and high ground clearance prevents bottoming out or hanging up on obstacles in the terrain
  • Best SSF makes it less likely to roll over than traditional UTVs
  • Lowest center of gravity for climbing slopes and difficult terrain
  • Admiral triple-differential transmission
  • Optimal cargo decks and interchangeable attachments for heavy duty work, farming, fishing, or hunting
  • Add-on trailer
  • Diesel or gas
  • Cost Effective

2018 Frontier 8x8

Base Models LX Series Wilderness Series